1. ” Surveying the Beach Scene “

    Now then !!!

    I recently posted a survey on Naturist Freedom UK, that asked five questions about British naturist beaches. I posted it merely to see if other people’s opinions, backed up those opinions of Ginny and I.

    The questions were:-

    1. Have you ever been to a naturist beach in the UK ?
    2. If you have what was it like ? .
    3. What do you find bad about Naturist Beaches ?
    4. Do you think there should be more official naturist beaches in the UK ?
    5. Did you know it’s not illegal to go naked on any beach in the UK ?

    So far after around 3 days or so, 67 people have voted and nearly all back up what we’ve felt for a long time, which is, that British naturist get a raw deal when it comes to beaches. So far we’ve been to 6 official and unofficial naturist beaches in East Anglia and the South of England and most do not have the facilities clothed or textile beach users would accept or even demand. Let’s take two of these beaches at St Osyth in Essex and at Holkham in Norfolk.St. Osyth beach near the sleepy village of St. Osyth (and nearby Clacton), resides on the coast near the River Colne estuary and near to Huntleys caravan holiday park. It is now accessible via a walk of at least a mile over a beach and coast that has been ravaged by coastal erosion over the past decade. When I first went to St Osyth in 1991, you we able to drive your car through the sea wall, then along the coast road to the naturist section of the beach, where you could strip off and settle down, leaving your clothes in the car. In the caravan park, there were the normal facilities you would expect café, pub, shop and most important of all toilets. It wasn’t so much of a problem getting dressed then going in the car to use these facilities. Now though the walk is over all sorts of builder’s rubble, river debris and the inevitable household rubbish. It quite impossible for anyone with a disability, to get to the naturist part of the beach. Holkham on the other hand has none of the problems that St Osyth has, it is a wonderfully large,clean sandy beach and is backed by lovely woods and sand dunes. The only thing it doesn’t have is toilet facilities near to the naturist section. We didn’t use what toilets there were, but they were over a mile away and again for a disabled person or partly disabled it would be almost impossible for them to reach the beach.Overall naturist beaches tend to be out of the way, take hours to reach and they are on beaches that have been overlooked by clothed/textile resort owners. I feel, as do many, that naturist beaches should be nearer to civilisation, accessible, have either naturist or textile refreshment facilities nearby.Failing that, all beaches in the UK (and any other country, come to that) should be re- classified as clothes optional. Why should naturists be discriminated against, in a way that textile people, ethnics, textile people with disabilities etc. are not in other walks of life ?The law says it’s not against the law to be naked on a beach, providing it’s not with intent to shock. The public however and the police seem to think just plain nudity is a crime, people get arrested, before being released with no charges being brought, for just using the beach in the normal fashion.If there were more beaches that were clothes optional and officially that, people would tend to use them and they would also be less likely to be horrified at seeing a naked body, maybe they’d even join in and help make naturism, less of a hideaway pastime and more a pastime that people openly enjoy.

    Here are the results of the first 54 people who took the survey

    So Far the survey results are as follows :-

    1. Have you ever been to a naturist beach in the UK ?

    Yes 81.5% (44) No 18.5% (10)

    2. If you have what was it like ?

    Wonderful – I loved it 63.0% (29)

    Good – I liked it 28.3% (13)

    OK – But i was very Self-conscious 4.3% (2)

    Average – Neither liked it or hated it 2.2% (1)

    Bad – Not going ever again 2.2% (1)

    3. What do you find bad about Naturist Beaches ? (tick all that apply)

    Location – Out of the way,difficult to get too 78.8% (41)

    Landscape – Very uneven more rocks/mud than sand 19.2% (10)

    Facilities – No toilets/refreshment facilities 53.8% (28)

    Protocol – Some good naturists there but some weirdos too 38.5% (20)

    Other (2)

    4. Do you think there should be more official naturist beaches in the UK ?

    Yes – One in every coastal town 98.1% (53)

    No – there are already enough 1.9% (1)

    5. Did you know its not illegal to go naked on any beach in the UK ?

    Yes 72.2% (39)

    No 27.8% (15)

    results supplied via SurveyMonkey © 1999-2012

    full results will be availble on completion

    If you wish to take the survey you can find it here :- http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HQLW7BV

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