1. Don’t let them censor you !!!!

  2. Naturists of the world unite and take over….hand those clothes over !!!

  3. England trounce India……yesss :) !!!!

  4. Devastating !!!!!

  6. Banks,Collins,Gabriel,Hackett & Rutherford c 1973


  7. ” Surveying the Beach Scene “

    Now then !!!

    I recently posted a survey on Naturist Freedom UK, that asked five questions about British naturist beaches. I posted it merely to see if other people’s opinions, backed up those opinions of Ginny and I.

    The questions were:-

    1. Have you ever been to a naturist beach in the UK ?
    2. If you have what was it like ? .
    3. What do you find bad about Naturist Beaches ?
    4. Do you think there should be more official naturist beaches in the UK ?
    5. Did you know it’s not illegal to go naked on any beach in the UK ?

    So far after around 3 days or so, 67 people have voted and nearly all back up what we’ve felt for a long time, which is, that British naturist get a raw deal when it comes to beaches. So far we’ve been to 6 official and unofficial naturist beaches in East Anglia and the South of England and most do not have the facilities clothed or textile beach users would accept or even demand. Let’s take two of these beaches at St Osyth in Essex and at Holkham in Norfolk.St. Osyth beach near the sleepy village of St. Osyth (and nearby Clacton), resides on the coast near the River Colne estuary and near to Huntleys caravan holiday park. It is now accessible via a walk of at least a mile over a beach and coast that has been ravaged by coastal erosion over the past decade. When I first went to St Osyth in 1991, you we able to drive your car through the sea wall, then along the coast road to the naturist section of the beach, where you could strip off and settle down, leaving your clothes in the car. In the caravan park, there were the normal facilities you would expect café, pub, shop and most important of all toilets. It wasn’t so much of a problem getting dressed then going in the car to use these facilities. Now though the walk is over all sorts of builder’s rubble, river debris and the inevitable household rubbish. It quite impossible for anyone with a disability, to get to the naturist part of the beach. Holkham on the other hand has none of the problems that St Osyth has, it is a wonderfully large,clean sandy beach and is backed by lovely woods and sand dunes. The only thing it doesn’t have is toilet facilities near to the naturist section. We didn’t use what toilets there were, but they were over a mile away and again for a disabled person or partly disabled it would be almost impossible for them to reach the beach.Overall naturist beaches tend to be out of the way, take hours to reach and they are on beaches that have been overlooked by clothed/textile resort owners. I feel, as do many, that naturist beaches should be nearer to civilisation, accessible, have either naturist or textile refreshment facilities nearby.Failing that, all beaches in the UK (and any other country, come to that) should be re- classified as clothes optional. Why should naturists be discriminated against, in a way that textile people, ethnics, textile people with disabilities etc. are not in other walks of life ?The law says it’s not against the law to be naked on a beach, providing it’s not with intent to shock. The public however and the police seem to think just plain nudity is a crime, people get arrested, before being released with no charges being brought, for just using the beach in the normal fashion.If there were more beaches that were clothes optional and officially that, people would tend to use them and they would also be less likely to be horrified at seeing a naked body, maybe they’d even join in and help make naturism, less of a hideaway pastime and more a pastime that people openly enjoy.

    Here are the results of the first 54 people who took the survey

    So Far the survey results are as follows :-

    1. Have you ever been to a naturist beach in the UK ?

    Yes 81.5% (44) No 18.5% (10)

    2. If you have what was it like ?

    Wonderful – I loved it 63.0% (29)

    Good – I liked it 28.3% (13)

    OK – But i was very Self-conscious 4.3% (2)

    Average – Neither liked it or hated it 2.2% (1)

    Bad – Not going ever again 2.2% (1)

    3. What do you find bad about Naturist Beaches ? (tick all that apply)

    Location – Out of the way,difficult to get too 78.8% (41)

    Landscape – Very uneven more rocks/mud than sand 19.2% (10)

    Facilities – No toilets/refreshment facilities 53.8% (28)

    Protocol – Some good naturists there but some weirdos too 38.5% (20)

    Other (2)

    4. Do you think there should be more official naturist beaches in the UK ?

    Yes – One in every coastal town 98.1% (53)

    No – there are already enough 1.9% (1)

    5. Did you know its not illegal to go naked on any beach in the UK ?

    Yes 72.2% (39)

    No 27.8% (15)

    results supplied via SurveyMonkey © 1999-2012

    full results will be availble on completion

    If you wish to take the survey you can find it here :- http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HQLW7BV

  8. River Goddess (Taken with Instagram at River Colne)


  9. Natural Beauty or Not ? “

    So when does the portrayal of the naked body in photos and even art change from just being a thing of natural beauty and become more of a tool for sexual gratification ? To those who do not see nudity very often, probably 90% of the world population, their reaction is either, an overreaction involving urges of a sexual nature or a reaction of total denial and they call to ban the subject matter. Either way both reactions are damaging, the sexual one by making nudity, tacky and cheap and eventually pornographic, the other by sending out a message that it is totally unacceptable to be naked in any place other than the bedroom.To me a type of photo can be fairly straightforwardly judged by the type of pose, the setting and definitely the final destination of the photo. A photo that only shows various body parts is more a glamour porn photo, rather than a typical naked photo which takes into account things such as setting, light and tone rather than trying to titillate through suggestive posing. I was a newsagent for many years, during this time we sold adult men and women’s magazines, the magazines which contain content of a sexual nature and are typically considered pornography. We also sold H & E (Health & Efficiency, first published in 1900) which was widely known as the naturist’s bible. To me I always preferred the natural way that nudity was portrayed in H & E rather than the suggestive nature of the other magazines and what with interesting articles about the naturist lifestyle probably eventually contributed to me become an avid naturist.Unfortunately these days sex, in one form or another seems to sell products. Whether it be, The Sun newspaper through its page 3 babes or Calvin Klein adverts, with its famous skimpy models. To me both these degenerates the human bodies image and brings it down to the level of being a product too, which to be frank is really sad. People generally think that these “products” are the norm and this, in the end, contributes to a whole range of damaging consequences, especially to young women but also to most peoples own positive body image. In other words if I’m not like them, I’m not normal. People should rubbish this attitude and stop hating themselves for everything they are not and start loving themselves for everything they are. As I’ve grown older I’ve learnt to do that by turning the other cheek and by concentrating on enjoying life, rather than trying to follow everyone else.Getting back to photography to me a “naturist photo” is one that projects everything naturism should be and a photo that makes you think…mmm I’d like to do that too.

    The age of the person in the photo doesn’t really make too much difference, but sometimes it does put off the people it’s trying to attract.It does it by using the perfect body shape,no wrinkes,fat or cellulite and by portraying this more often than not.In doing so this gets the same type of “I’m not like them I’m not normal” reaction but in the form of “I can’t possibly do it , as I don’t look like that”.To me the more genuine nudity you see, the less you see it as a sexual thing and the more you see it as normal,with all the blemishes that goes with having a human body. I think if society took that outlook too you’d have a better world and people would appreciate each other, a whole lot more.


  10. Naturism in Print

     Naturism in Print ! “

    How do you find out about the joys of being a naturist ?

    You could find a friend and ask them about the joys of naturism first hand or you could go on the internet and find out all the details. Most people go about it the old fashioned way, by buying books, magazines or other printed media and then read through it at their leisure. If you go on amazon or other shopping sites, you can find many books on the subject; many are of the tourism variety, while others tell the stories of the adventures had by many seasoned naturists. If we concentrate on the former first we will find you can get all sorts of publications from all over the world. In Britain the most popular book is Bare Britain, which concentrates on beaches, naturist clubs and focuses on the stress-free and back-to-nature benefits of simple living, its 200 pages showcase the best of British – from deserted beaches to the traditional naturist club. The book’s pictures and fascinating descriptions will surprise, delight and entertain anyone with a sense of freedom in their souls. There is also a couple of Wild Swimming books…Wild Swimming and Wild Swimming Coast which highlight, tucked away beauty spots where you can strip off and take a dip. Many of these you can walk naked to, across the deserted countryside. Imagine a summertime tour through the wildest and most beautiful regions of Britain – boating, camping and swimming along the way. You can also chart your journey in your own record book. Older publications by David Martin can still be bought if you hunt around The Nudist Way and the Naturist Guide to British Isles being just two. Looking overseas there is the lavish “the world’s best nude beaches” by Mike Charles, Nick Mayhew-Smith, Judi Ditzler and Nicky Hoffman-Lee

    which details fully most of the worlds (Inc. the UK) finest nude beaches. This is an update on the original book which was just called Bare Beaches. Nudist Pictorial Classic series also have guide books to North America and Europe detailing all manner of beaches and resorts. Other books go into the whole spectrum of nudism/naturism in more detail one of these being “The Complete Guide to Nudism and Naturism: Everything You Wanted to Know About Nudism But Didn’t Know Who to Ask!” by Liz Egger and James Egger this tells you what you should and shouldn’t do and give lots of good advice. Nigel Keer’s “Paul and James’s Naturist Adventure” is a true to life story about Paul Jessop and James Handle. They are two fourteen-year-olds who have known each other all their lives. One very warm day while out roaming through the local countryside and woods, not far from home, they’re suddenly surprised when they spot a naturist rambler. Having never seen anyone walk about like this before their curiosity gets the better of them and they decide to follow him. It leads to them finding out about a naturist swim at their own local leisure centre and, after deducing what the word naturist means, want to find a way of getting in to see for themselves what ís going on. However, this is far from straightforward and, as you might guess, they’re both very reserved boys. They manage to get in without being seen, but how? Who do they meet? Do they make any friends and what is more; do they get away with it? What will their parents say if they find out? Read the full story and discover the delights of naturism for yourself. Another is the “Diary of a Nudist Part 1 – One woman’s intimate account of her journey from clothed conformity to naked freedom” by Belinda Mosse in this author write in diary form .Married and pregnant at sixteen Belinda Mosse had spent her life in the little country village where she was born. When her children left home Belinda got divorced, moved to London and discovered what she describes as ‘the joys of naturism’. She started a new naturist life and has kept a daily diary ever since. It has been a sometimes hectic but always interesting time for Belinda. She has loved the excitement of dancing the night away at the Ritz and the thrill of being kissed by Richard Gere, but has been just as happy sharing a simple picnic on a wild deserted beach with an old man and his dog. Equally at home in a designer suit, a cheap sarong or nothing at all Belinda has always kept her feet firmly on the ground and in spite of everything has remained the same delightfully simple little country girl she always was. Belinda’s diary is an open, honest and intimate account of her journey from clothed conformity to naked freedom.

    Moving on there are magazines which also highlight the benefits of a naturist lifestyle. The world’s old and most famous naturist magazine has to be Health and Efficiency (H&E), edited by Sam Hawcroft, this has been in continuous publication since 1900. Every month it features articles of interest to those who live the clothes-free lifestyle, from news and travel to art and culture, backed up with some brilliant photography. Another good publication is the bi monthly Naturist life. As its website says “Published bi monthly – six issues per year and packed with news and information as well as feature articles on holidays, beaches, clubs and places to go as well as the personalities in the naturist movement the magazine is a bright and breezy read. Already, because our subscribers come from all walks of life and with varying interests, the range and depth of articles is increasing and we are attracting a number of well-known and experienced writers, who are also giving freely of their talents. Do not expect an entirely reverent view of naturism – if there is a story that needs to be told. Naturist Life magazine first evolved from the newsletter – Shabden News which was originally developed as a means of communication between members of Shabden Leisure Circle. Suzanne Piper, the Editor of Naturist Life and Club Secretary for Shabden, has been a naturist for more than 34 years and is well known on the international scene.”

    Other magazines tend to be member subscriptions only, such as the BN magazine (in the UK) or Tan which is published in Australia. In the North American the naturist society produce N while in Canada “going natural” is published.

    All in all there is a wealth of information printed or on the web giving such good reviews of the joys and benefits of the naked lifestyle it’s such a shame that many try to portray naturism as something that is wrong. Go out and try it for yourself, feel liberated, feel free, strip off and take the plunge don’t look back…take our advice it’s worth it !