1. Naturist Travels from FreewillUK on Vimeo.

    We stayed at Broadlands Sun Association at Stoke Holy Cross near Norwich during a week that was not blessed with enough fine weather…this is a photographic journey through our stay.


  3. A naked walk in the woods on a summer day by two naturists

  4. Tunnel Lover

  5. Epping Eden


  7. Announcement !

    Please note that from June 1st 2013 this blog will be available to view only and no new posts will be made. If you wish to view any new posts they can now be found here http://naturalnudityuk.tumblr.com/


  9. untitled

    Before my readers begin to ask me why my blog has been taken down (hopefully only temporarily), the reason is because a local reporter has attempted to sensationalise it online and also in print in a newspaper in our local area. From the outset my blog has only tried to appeal to seasoned naturists and those like-minded people who think that a naked lifestyle is a pleasant, natural thing and something that they do, or might like try for themselves. We vehemently defend our view that we are ‘not ’ exhibitionists and/or that we are doing anything that is inherently wrong or against the law. At the same time by posting photos of ourselves in the blog I attempt to show that the human body is firstly, nothing to be ashamed of regardless of how we/anyone looks and secondly, I try to say to others, that there is no such thing as the perfect body. With naturism, physical health is improved with the benefits of sunshine and fresh air, which most don’t get enough of, and mental health benefits come from relaxation, de-stressing and a friendly, comfortable spirit of well-being that you get and feel by being naked. The reporter says in his online article that the blog doesn’t talk about naturism, a view of which I have to disagree with vehemently, as he hasn’t read all the other posts, over 50 in all, in which l have talked about the joys of naturism, the problems and also the archaic Victorian views, of a lot of people in society nowadays. There is only so much you can actually write about, about the feeling of actually being naked, without repeating yourself, something which I try so much not to do. It is my view, it is my blog, nothing more nothing less. Articles on the net only tend to find the people they’re intended to find, or people who are interested in a specific subject, but newspapers by generalising try to find as many readers they can. They tend to force issues into the public arena, most of which are of no real value to the community on the whole, by publicising my blog the reporter and the newspaper aren’t trying to bring new people into naturism, they are just trying to whip up a frenzy of comments on the subject and try to force all or any naturist, further and further into the wilderness and further and further into underground. The reporter disregards any damage he might cause by running the story, despite the only comments so far online, being ones supporting our views. At this moment the story is online and the newspaper in production, as of yet we don’t know what he’s going to print or how he’s going to portray us in the local paper. Because of this my blog isn’t available for public viewing at present, as I feel a lot of the viewing it might attract should the story run, will be from undesirable viewers who would see it as a form of titillation, rather than a way of informing themselves of the joys of naturism. Should anyone interested in naturism want further information please go to the BN (British Naturism) Website for further details – http://www.bn.org.uk/index.php

  10. Walk the Walk !